This week’s happy tail reminds us how important it is to keep your pet’s microchipping details up to date and how lucky one dog is to find his original family.

Buster the two year old American Staffy was a stray when he found himself at the Animal Welfare League of Qld. He was a very chilled out and happy dog who took shelter life all in his stride.

As it turns out Buster had taken himself for walk when he realised his family had accidently left the gate open and had got himself lost. When his family noticed their dog was missing they were devastated. They phoned and doorknocked anyone and everyone for weeks. They decided to post fliers around the neighbourhood and in a very special twist of fate it was a little girl who had seen the flier at her preschool that had been looking for a new pet on our website that matched the two together.

Buster had been microchipped but his owner’s details were out of date. When our shelter staff tried to make contact with the owners they had no luck and so Buster had been desexed, vaccinated and put up for adoption.

When Buster’s owners Nicholas and Sharmaine heard that their dog may be at the AWLQ rehoming centre they jumped in the car in the hope they would find their beloved dog.  When they laid eyes on him they were overjoyed. Buster was homeward bound.

Buster’s owners have bought new locks for their gates and intend on being very vigilant in ensuring their gate is always firmly fastened.

Microchipping is a quick and easy way to avoid the heartbreak when your pet goes walkabout. Book in to our Community Vet Clinic and get your pet microchipped today!