The festive season is a foody’s delight,  but feeding certain foods, like chocolate and raisins, to your dog can be a recipe for disaster.

Chocolate and dogs don’t mix! A small amount will make your dog sick, large amounts could kill your best friend!

The same goes with the grape family. They are also toxic and can cause renal failure.

Cats are not immune to Christmas either with alcohol, stimulant drinks, onions and garlic all off the menu.

And never feed your furry friends drugs, unless prescribed by your vet.

If you think that your four legged pal has eaten something toxic contact your vet immediately.

For a quick reference guide on the do’s and dont’s of dog treats download this helpful AWLQ treat guide for Kong stuffing. Even if you don’t have a Kong toy there are some great ideas for dog Christmas treats!

These tips proudly brought to you by Animal Welfare League Queensland – caring for South East Queensland’s pet community and  rehoming surrendered and abandoned animals for 57 years.