In April 2012 we lost our beloved mini-foxie named Minnie, after 14 years together. Naturally we were heartbroken and wanted to take time to remember her. At the beginning of 2013, we decided that we were ready to share our lives with another dog, and started looking at adoption, as we wanted to give a home to an adult dog rather than go through all the puppy stages again!

After looking on websites for a while, we chanced upon a picture of Clayton, a 3 yr old Jack Russell, in mid-February. After ringing to see if he was still available, we jumped in the car to meet him.

He was just who we were looking for and we seemed to meet his requirements as well! Now, 6 weeks later, it feels as though he has lived with us forever!

To say he has settled in extremely well would be an understatement!

He loves going in the car, having walks, playing with toys and especially tummy rubs! He sits next to me while I work in the study and sleeps on a pillow by the side of our bed.

He makes us laugh and fills our days with love and joy. I cannot imagine our lives without him and it is wonderful to have a pet to share our lives with again.

Peter and Gayle