Project #AdoptAWLQ is a community awareness campaign showcasing shelter pets in everyday life alongside local high profile social media influencers. Playing out predominately on Instagram our animals have been featured at the beach, hanging out in local coffee shops, going for walkies and just relaxing at a picnic. The purpose of this campaign is to reach a new demographic of potential pet owners and show that shelter pets make the very best pets.

The ‘influencers’ featured come from a wide range of backgrounds and are everyday people who were eager to encourage their social media followers to adopt their pets from the AWLQ. From musicians to athletes, ex reality TV stars and bloggers the campaign has gone viral with a potential reach of over a million views. Local businesses also got behind the campaign, lending collars and leads, clothing and props for each themed photo shoot.

Yesterday Cameron stopped by the Gold Coast Rehoming Centre with a purpose. To meet and adopt ‘Conner’, the Greyhound he saw on Instagram.

‘Conner’ was an ex racing Greyhound whose life was spared by a vet prior to arriving at AWLQ. When Cameron took Conner out in to the yard for a play he would adopt ‘Conner’ give him a home.

We look forward to continuing this campaign over the coming weeks and rehoming even more companion pets.

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