With spring and summer storms fast approaching, South East Queensland residents are being reminded to tie down any loose objects around the home, trim overhanging tree branches and create a storm kit with fresh batteries included.

But what many pet owners forget is to prepare for storm season with their pets.

Brooke Whitney of the Animal Welfare League of QLD says it is common for dogs to be afraid of thunder storms, lightening and even fireworks.

“Diagnosing whether your dog is afraid of thunder storms is easy. They may tremble, run and hide and can sometimes get destructive to occupy themselves while there is noise outside”.

“Their fear comes from simply not knowing what is making the noise, it is important not to comfort them to much as this justifies their fear, but rather keep them busy by playing around with a ball and by turning the television or radio up loud to drown out the sound of thunder clapping,” Ms Whitney says.

 “Even if your dog is an outdoor pet, creating a small space in the garage or the laundry for them to escape the sounds of thunder and lightning will ease their unusual behaviour”.