The AWLQ’s Facebook page almost went into meltdown on Wednesday 19 October with an overwhelming response from the public to Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff) Dozer and his ‘come adopt me please’ photo.

Dozer and his English Bull Mastiff girlfriend Ellie (now known as Ellie-May) have been reunited and re-homed to a very excited large breed lover, Amanda Steel. Amanda had previously adopted from AWLQ and fell in love with the pair after seeing them on their Facebook and adoption site.

“My dogs passed away earlier this year with the same problems as Dozer and Ellie, after their passing I went travelling for a couple of months and only just got back. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

“My parents bred dogs and I was a vet nurse, so I’ve grown up with bigger breeds and know what to expect,” Amanda explained.

 “What I want to do is give them the best lives possible together, with a loving family because it’s what all dogs deserve.”

 Dozer is suffering from hip dysplasia and will need to maintain a healthy weight while foster dog Ellie-May is suffering from mammary tumours. “I’m fostering Ellie-May until her health improves and I’ll adopt her in two weeks time,” Amanda said excitedly.

Both Ellie and Dozer were excited to see each other as they had been separated for days while Ellie had her tumour seen to in the vet clinic.

It was like witnessing a reunion between long lost lovers when they saw each other again for the first time.

Marketing Manager Brooke Whitney says that Facebook is a fantastic tool for promoting the unusual breeds that walk through the doors of the AWLQ “Social media is a great tool to use to promote the fact that we do get purebreds and pedigree animals while breaking the stereotype that shelters only have a certain kind of animal.

The reaction to Dozers photo is a testament to that.” “We had such a great response from our animal loving supporters who all wished Dozer well while sharing his photo with their social networks. Hi s photo spread like wildfire with over 120 shares! I just hope that people continue to share our animals photos and spread our message and share in our mission to rehome the animals of South East Queensland,” Brooke says.

 Amanda has already planned activities to keep the pair happy and improve their quality of life. “Once the pair have settled in their new home I’ll start taking them to the dog park across the road and then many a play date with my friend’s dogs.”

 “Dozer and Ellie-May will have a good life together until the end,” Amanda said with a smile.