Ebony arrived at the Gold Coast rehoming centre In February. She had a collar wound under her armpit which was caused when she got her foreleg caught through her collar creating a gaping hole under her armpit. Usually once corrected these wounds heal on their own but after months of monitoring her injury, Ebony’s wound was not getting any better.

Our head shelter vet made the decision to perform a specialist surgery called ‘combined omental pedicle graft and thoracodorsal axial pattern flap,’ which put simply means a graft was taken from Ebony’s shoulder and placed into the armpit to help the wound heal. Our vet then took a vascular membrane from Ebony’s stomach and directed it towards the armpit to help the wound heal more efficiently.  The operation took over two hours and Ebony received 58 stitches! When she awoke she was placed with a very experienced foster carer Sally.

Sally has been a part of the AWLQ volunteering family for more than three years and has played an integral part in the lives of more than 150 kittens and cats recovering from surgery, ticks or illness. We knew Ebony would be in good hands.

At the AWLQ we have an affectionate term called ‘FOSTER FAILURES’.
A foster failure is an animal that spends time in a foster home and then the carer falls in love and ultimately chooses to adopt.

Sally was very good at returning her foster babies to the shelter when they were ready for adoption but with Ebony it was different. Having been in Sally’s care for such a long time Ebony and Sally had formed a special bond. Sally loved Ebony’s kind and trusting nature and knew that when Ebony was given a clean bill of health she would be signing adoption papers and officially making Ebony a part of her family.


We would like to thank Sally for her hard work and dedication to our animals in need and look forward to hearing all about Ebony’s new adventures.

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