Hi Animal Welfare League friends – it’s Eddie!!

I just wanted to write and let you know how I was going. I stayed with you last April and in my ad you said, “A little bit about me and the prize for the sweetest dog in the shelter goes to. . . . . . . “Eddie” this older gent is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

He is toilet trained and knows how to sit, stay, shake and walks right beside you on the lead without pulling. An absolute gem. The first person to meet him will fall in love My mum & dad came to the AWL on a bright sunny Sunday – they were looking for a puppy – but when they saw me sitting quietly in my pen at the end of the row – they knew that I was the not so young “puppy” for them. The drive home was scary and my first night was confusing – but after some familiar food (rice & chicken that the loving volunteer carers cooked just for me) I started to settle into my new home.

 A couple of weeks later we moved to our new house – it has a lovely yard, big swimming pool and best of all it backs onto the Springwood reserve and we can see koala’s in the trees. I get to go for long walks in the Reserve (always on the leash as required), smell the bush and meet other nice people. We live only five minutes from the dog park – where I can play with lots of other dogs and everyone I met there just loves to throw the ball for me. I now have a brother – Beau – who is also a rescue dog like me.

Beau and I are a little like the “odd couple” (Felix and Oscar) but we are the best of friends and sometimes even fall asleep together on the same king size dog bed. We go on walks together, eat together and even play “go look” – where mum and dad hide treats in the yard and we have to “go look” for the surprises.  

When the groomer came to cut Beau’s hair this summer I got my hair cut too, so that I was not too hot and Mum & Dad could check for ticks or skin allergies. It felt strange with short hair at first but over summer I loved it especially because everyone commented on how happy I looked. I still had a fluffy head and tail so there was no mistaking it was me – Eddie!

In the back yard we are both very careful of the pool when the gate is open – but love to watch Mum & Dad in the water and we wait by the steps for them to come out. Beau sometimes gets itchy skin and because we are such good dogs, mum & dad were given a hydro-bath from Aunty Fi & Uncle Rob and every Sunday is bath time in the yard! When I am in the bath Beau is always saying “hurry UP Eddie”.

I love bath time! Christmas was lots of fun – I got a toy duck from Aunty Maryse, squeaky toys from Mum & Dad – PLUS Mum & Dad found out that I know and understand the word “Smacko’s” – a tasty treat my first family must have given me. It’s true – I do go wacko for smacko’s.

 Beau and I have lots of toys and beds both inside and outside. But my favourite place during the day is sleeping on the chaise lounge outside. I know that I am not allowed on the good lounge outside – and never hop up – but I can lounge on the chaise all afternoon long (well at least until it’s time for a walk!). Sometimes I just sit quietly out here and – listen to the sounds of the bush at my doorstep. I hear the swamp wallabies bounding by, hear the Kookaburra’s singing and think about all that has made up this dog’s life. I am very thankful for all the years of love from my first family and for them bravely delivering me to the AWL.

 It is so obvious to my new Mum & Dad that I was very loved and cared for. I am thankful to all the staff at the AWL – whose hearts and generosity know no bounds. For your tireless work – for your love and kindness – for caring for those that were abandon, mistreated, lost or surrendered – for giving us a chance and for being the voice to those that cannot speak. Know that you change lives for the better – not just those of the animals you save but those people lucky enough to adopt. Lastly, I am thankful for my new Mum & Dad – who looked past the dog breeders & pet stores and came to the AWL looking for a puppy.

Who looked into my eyes and recognised love when they saw it. Sometimes at night I cuddle into Dads arms and drift off to sleep – knowing that Eddie is a very lucky dog. Figure 8 Eddie – sweet as ever!

Friends at the AWLQ – I have one more wish to ask of you – maybe – if you can – Mum & Dad would like you to let my old family know how I am doing.

I sometimes wonder if they think about me and it would be nice to let them know I am very happy and very much loved! They did the right thing – because I am happy and know only kindness and love in my new home. I have a wonderful brother – lots of friends and they don’t need to worry about me anymore.


Lots of love Eddie xxx