In 2009 I adopted a beautiful 3 year old dog named Ellie from AWL at the Gold Coast. As soon as I saw Ellie I knew that she was the dog for me. Unfortunately she had only recently been surrendered and was very much missing her previous owners. I now understand why. Ellie is a wonderful loyal dog who is very loving. We live in a rural area so there is plenty of space to go for walks or bike rides. If i get a little behind my partner and our other dogs Ellie will always wait for me to catch up. Her favourite thing to do is visit the farm where she gets to pretend that she is a cattle dog and attempts to muster the cattle. She now has too new friends Malt and Pac who she loves to play with however she is a sensitive little dog who needs some time out on her favourite cushion. I have cherished the last three years that I have spent with Ellie and cant wait for many more.

Thank you AWL for helping me to find my best friend!!