The Animal Welfare League of Qld has saved the life of a 5 month old Maltese x ShihTzu dog named Bee who was brought in to the Gold Coast shelter with 22 paralysis ticks.

The white ball of fluff was in high spirits and miraculously survived after the AWLQ veterinarians carefully removed all of the ticks off her tiny body.

AWLQ Marketing Manager Brooke Whitney say’s it is a miracle Bee is alive and happy.

“Just one paralysis tick can take down a dog twice her size; she is a very lucky dog to have survived”.

Paralysis ticks are parasites that feed on animal and human blood. They inject a toxin that causes irritation, paralysis and even death.

In the warmer months it is crucial to check your pet’s coats daily and seek medical attention should they be displaying symptoms of a tick bite.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, weakness, shortness of breath, vomiting and numbness.

Although she has an average looking haircut, Bee is healthy and will need to be fostered out to a family to help her fully recover before she can be placed up for adoption.

“Bee’s fur needed to be shaved so the veterinarians could make sure they didn’t miss any other ticks that could be hiding in the creases and folds of her skin”, Ms Whitney says.

“She is a beautifully natured young pup and deserves a loving home with people that can love her and spoil her”, Ms Whitney says.

If you think your pet has a tick please call the AWLQ Community Vet Clinics

Gold Coast 0755940111

Ipswich 0738127533