We fostered Poppy (Sprite) in May, for kennel cough — she is a tiny thing, weighing no more than 1.8kg; but; what personality! She made herself very welcome in our home & become firm friends with our first AWL rescue Lucy the Kelpie X , Indigo the rescue cat wasn’t far behind in the friendship stakes – even though she outweighs Poppy by about 8kgs! The three of them took over our house & spend many minutes chasing each other all over inside & out.

Poppy was afraid of absolutely everything including my husband, who is 6ft 4 – a giant in her eyes, however with patience & a gentle approach, they can often be found snuggling together on the couch & even in bed! (this from a man, who ’can’t stand small dogs’) We still have to carry her to the park — she is petrified of cars & anything with wheels in general, but once there – she has a ball!

She has become the unofficial mascot for our daughters rowing team, & has travelled to many regattas, being cuddled by absolutely every-one, competitor teams included, and loves to spend the day in some obliging child’s arms or snuggled in an accommodating lap.

We love her to bits & cannot imagine our lives without her… neither can her furry family stand to be away from her for long..

She is by far the ’weirdest’ dog we have ever owned — choosing apple cores over chicken necks & eating her food 1 pellet at a time — this after much ’hunting’ & ’stalking’ of every morsel.
What fun & laughter she has added to our lives!

Kathryn Calthorpe