AWLQ’s inaugural Stray Animals’ Day challenge has been hailed a success with $154,210 raised for the lifesaving AWLQ Foster House program.

“We’ve had incredible support from the community which has embraced this key program wholeheartedly. We can’t thank them enough for their donations,” AWLQ CEO Denise Bradley said.

The Elsie Cameron Foundation, a long term advocate for animal welfare and supporter of AWLQ, generously offered to match donations raised during the campaign taking the total funds raised to $154,210.    “It’s incredible to have such support, from such a generous benefactor, our sponsors, the general community and of course our long term supporters,” Ms Bradley said.

AWLQ Ambassadors champion athlete Sally Pearson OAM, Gold Coast Titan Chris McQueen, Surf Lifesaving champion Courtney Hancock and Brisbane cricketer Nicholas Buchanan were also instrumental in reaching out to the community and launching the program.

Nearly 6,200 animals, or more than 71% of all animals in AWLQ’s care, spend time in foster care each year. The annual medical bill for the lifesaving care of these animals is $124,000.

“Our promise to you is that we will never euthanise a social, healthy or treatable companion animal, whatever its age,” Ms Bradley said.

“This is a very expensive promise, but one which we are committed to.

“And we can only do this with the ongoing financial help of the community.”

Animal Welfare League Queensland continues to be a leader in animal rehoming. Since 1959 it has rehomed an estimated 125,000 animals.

AWLQ’s Foster House program and its incredibly dedicated foster carers have been instrumental in these results.

“Many of the animals in foster care are new born kittens and puppies,” Ms Bradley said.

“Without this care many would die.

“Animal Welfare League Queensland’s programs and supporters are critical to this success.”

You can view the final tally yourself at which will remain open until Tuesday afternoon, April 18.

Funds raised go directly toward the cost of care for these animals and are tax deductible.