Animal lover Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has revealed his soft side, sharing why he chooses to adopt dogs from Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ).

“The animal knows that you have saved him,” Mayor Tate said.

“You are setting a great example to your family and neighbours.

“I would have to say to the people of the Gold Coast that if you are thinking of getting a pet that from my experience there is nothing more honourable than rehoming.”

The City of Gold Coast Mayor, Mayoress and their daughter Emily had a family meeting prior to Christmas and made the decision to adopt a friend for their American Bulldog Jai Dee.

“Jai Dee is a Thai name and translates to a very good heart, a very gentle soul,” Mayor Tate said.

At 18 months of age he was big enough to get a friend. The family turned to AWLQ.

“We wanted to adopt a good sized dog as they are harder to rehome.”

AWLQ Dog Rehoming Supervisor Megan Payette knew just the dog for the family.

“Boss is a beautiful but timid dog,” she said.

“He needed to go home with a dog friend to give him security and guidance and he needed a family who would be very patient and nurturing.

“It was a perfect match.”

Boss, a 17 month old Sharpei Boxer cross, was surrendered by his owner in December. He had been with AWLQ for three weeks. 

“We met Boss. He was underweight, shy and I just thought ‘no one will take him’,” Mayor Tate said.

The similarly sized dogs were introduced by the AWLQ Dog Rehoming Team the following afternoon. In 15 minutes they were friends. Boss also had a soft spot for young Emily.

 It’s the second dog the Tates have adopted from AWLQ. Two years ago they adopted the aptly named “Tatey” a Bull Arab Great Dane cross.

“He was about six years old and he was quite neglected,” Mayor Tate said.

“The AWLQ team told me that he had health issues I said ‘don’t worry about it’.

“Nobody was going to take him.”

Tatey moved in and was well loved by the family who knew that he was on borrowed time.

“He was a champion. We had him for a short period of time and he passed. We don’t view that as being a bad thing or bad luck. I view that as wonderful that we got to know him and we have great memories. Tatey got quality of life in the final stages of his life. We are blessed with resources so no expense was spared,” Mayor Tate said.

The animal lover is urging the community to support Animal Welfare League Queensland and give a dog or cat a second chance.

“Once you visit here and see some of the staff and volunteers you firstly admire them,” he said.

“Then you ask yourself ‘how you can help?’.

“You can do it by donating, promoting and adopting. Faith without action is meaningless.”

Animal Welfare League Queensland has worked closely with the City of Gold Coast Council rehoming more than 123,000 of the city’s stray and abandoned animals since 1959.

“It’s a true measure of the confidence that the community has in us that the City’s Mayor has adopted from us more than once,” AWLQ CEO Denise Bradley said.

“Most Gold Coast residents can say that they have either adopted from us, or know someone who has.

“We are incredibly grateful for such support.”

Mayor Tom Tate is urging residents to consider adoption from AWLQ.

“The checks and balances on the animal’s behaviour and health have already been done by AWLQ,” he said.

“Take an afternoon out with your family and visit.

“See what’s going on, the good work that AWLQ is doing. You may want to adopt or volunteer and add value to the life of a pet or your own.”