In light of the terrible investigative reports that have been on the news recently about the mistreatment of Greyhounds by the racing industry, we thought it timely to remind you all of what these beauitful, gentle animals were really bred for…… companionship!

Here is just one example of a past AWLQ greyhound who now holds a special place in the heart of a little girl called Amelia.

The moment Kylee Elkington adopted Teddy the greyhound, she knew he would share a special bond with her young daughter Amellia.

The little girl and the graceful black greyhound quickly became best friends and are now inseparable. Teddy walks with Amellia and her mum to the park every morning and sleeps at night with her in her room.

Kylee says that Teddy has brought so much love to their family. “The bond between Ted and Amellia is a beautiful thing to watch,” says Kylee.

“I only wish that every greyhound was as lucky as he is.”

AWLQ often has greyhounds for adoption, many of which have come from the racing industry. They make wonderful companion animals and despite what people may think, are huge couch potatoes! They love nothing more than lounging around with their humans, and as long as they get to have a quick run each day, they are happy and content in a family setting.

AWLQ has a special rehoming program for our greyhounds, called ‘Going Grey’, which helps new greyhound owners learn all about the breed and how to ensure their adopted grey lives a happy and fulfilling life. If you are interested in learning more about AWLQ’s greyhounds for adoption, or our Going Grey program, please email