When people purchase a ‘non shedding’ pooch they sometimes don’t take into account the amount of regular grooming still required to keep their coat in tip top shape.

When we met Harold we were sure that he had never been clipped. His toenails were overgrown and his coat was severely matted. He was reluctant to walk as his fur was so knotted it pulled on his skin, he was also very shy.

It took close to two hours to cut, shave and trim Harold’s overgrown coat but little by little a more confident dog was unveiled. When his grooming was complete Harold raced around the room with a spring in his step rolling around and enjoying his freedom of movement.

Keeping a dogs coat well groomed is important not only to keep your pet happy, healthy and comfortable but also allows you time to:

  • Ensure your dogs skin is healthy
  • See if they have fleas or skin allergies
  • Keep knots away
  • And give you time to bond with your pet

Harold was vet checked, desexed and made available for adoption the very next morning. Within hours he was walking out the doors with his new owner Tae who wanted a new friend and her two children. When she met Harold and saw him interact with her children she knew that he was the dog for them.
Tae was astonished to see Harold’s ‘before’ photos and assured us she would be keeping on top of his grooming and encouraging her kids to give him a regular brush daily.

Did you know the AWLQ goes grooming for ex AWLQ residents? Learn more here