Dear AWL,


I am writing to you today, to tell you about a Golden Retriever we adopted from your Coombabah shelter. We adopted Henry on the 31st of July 2010 just 2 days after his 14th birthday. Henry recently has his 16th birthday and was given a steak to celebrate.

 Henry is spritely, his health is great, can even still keep up a sprint, he is also very happy and there is much improvement in his mental health to when we first adopted him. When we first brought him home he was very depressed and didn’t eat, after a few days we could already see an improvement. About a month later we bought a German shepherd puppy, Sofie. It took a while for Henry and Sofie to get along but eventually they became great friends. At first they would sleep at different ends of the yard, but now they get along like brother and sister. Henry and Sofie go everywhere with us; on holidays, travelling interstate, to the beach, we take them with us whenever we can. Henry goes for walks twice a day, has his own couch in the garage to sleep on, and loves his lead and daily walks. I’m glad to be able to write you this letter about Henry’s new and happy lifestyle. He’s the best part of our whole family and we all love him. Thank you for giving us Henry.


From Henry’s family