My name is Isabella. When I decided to adopt, I wasn’t sure whether to get a dog or a cat so I paid a visit to the AWLQ Gold Coast Rehoming Centre to visit the dogs. I didn’t want to impulse purchase so I went home and came to the conclusion that my current home was not an ideal living environment for a dog, so I decided a cat it would be!

I jumped on the AWLQ website and started researching cats! One little kitty named Arianne caught my eye. She was a little girl and had been sick for months. She was kept in a cat pen by herself because she wasn’t fussed on the other cats and preferred her own company. I knew I had to have her.

I drove back to the AWLQ with my printout of Arianne. The instant I saw her I was in love. She climbed into my handbag which I had placed on the floor so I could hold her and that was it…

We had adopted each other.

Two years later I still remember her adoption day like it was yesterday. I have renamed her Millie and we have bonded like no other pet I have owned.

Millie has completely recovered from her weepy eyes, gained weight and is thoroughly spoiled. She even tolerates the neighbourhood cats, (which we never thought would happen).

Thank you AWLQ Gold Coast for introducing me to my soul mate.