Just an update on Ivy. We adopted Ivy on 6 Dec from the bracken ridge shelter. Ivy and my existing dog Fizz are now besties, it’s everything I’d hoped for in getting a 2nd dog. They’re so funny together, when we take them for a walk, they like to race each other and they spend almost all day wresting each other or fighting (nicely) over toys!

And since Ivy’s kennel cough cleared up last week, we were able to take her to be groomed – she’s much cooler and happier! Ivy didn’t warm to us at first but now she cries out in excitement when we get home from work or even a quick trip to the shops!

She’s just beautiful albeit a little mischievous.

two weeks ago my husband and I moved house and got a yard double the size of our previous yard! Both the dogs love it but Ivy is especially enjoying running around and playing out in the yard!

Thank you so much for rescuing my princess Ivy. She’s very loved in her new home