Hi to all the lovely people at the AWL on the Gold Coast.

It’s already been one month already since we brought home our little Jack Russell puppies Rudy and Nicole who became Jack and Lucy.

Jack and Lucy are having a fabulous time in their new home and are being loved to pieces by us.  They are even being tolerated by our cat Milly who is chased regularly but doesn’t seem too perturbed. Our cat Daisy on the other hand is terrified of them but is still coping well.

Jack and Lucy are great night sleepers thanks to the advice you gave us about making sure once we put them to bed, we didn’t EVER go in again until morning.  I swear that has saved us a lot of drama. We’re not so pleased about the early starts, usually before 5am, but I’m sure it won’t last forever.

We’re off to puppy school next weekend so we’re looking forward to all that expert advice which will make all the difference I’m sure. Jack will be the challenge I think as he’s quite a girlie man and won’t even walk on a lead.  Lucy is going to be the star, she’s up for anything as long as there’s a treat at the end.


Narelle and Phil