It seem’s like just yesterday I was staring at the AWL kitties who needed a home on the website. A cute little boy named Jack caught my eye and for over a week I stared at his photo. My partner kept saying no, so I asked my dad who said ’he didn’t mind cats’, which to me was a yes.

The next day I packed up myself and my dog in the car for our first ever drive to the AWL. After Aysha (dog) was assessed and all was well, Aysha stayed with the lovely reception ladies while I made my way through the pens of needy felines.

I went through every pen looking at all of the little sweethearts, wishing I could help them all, but it wasn’t until the final pen that I sat down and one soft velvety little black kitty jumped up on my lap and started purring instantly. I checked his tag, and lone behold, it was the cat I’d been looking at online for over a week! Jack and I bonded instantly!

At first Jack was a bit nervous coming to his new home and for the first few days hissed at his new sister, Aysha. However that soon changed. Over six months on and little Jack certainly know’s he’s mummy’s little boy! When he wants his dinner he makes sure it’s known and loves nothing more than to play with his best friend and sister! While his daddy is allergic, he has still been welcomed by my partner, who always has anti-histamines in stock when he visits!

Jack is truly an amazing little boy, who is really in tune with his surroundings. He made good friends with a rescued rabbit in the two days before she was re-homed and was devastated when she had to go! He bazaarly knows where my sore spots on my back are and always offers some kitty acupuncture and massage!

Jack is truly one of a kind, and if it weren’t for the AWL he probably wouldn’t be here today!

A massive thanks to the team for this life-long bundle of joy

Rebecca Hewson