Last year my boyfriend and I moved in together. I already owned a chihuahua x puppy that was quite upset being left at home alone while we went to work as he wasn’t used to it. We decided to find him a friend and we are both big fans of the AWL and all the great work they do.

My gorgeous little Jack does not like other dogs so we decided we would get a cat as he had been around them before and was fine. So we took many trips to the AWL and browsed the website and found a beautiful cat named Bella. She had been calling the AWL home for quite some time so we thought it was time for her to check out 🙂

My boyfriend went down to meet her one day while i was at work and when i got home there she was. She was so beautiful with stunning green eyes but she was a quiet and shy girl and didnt really want to play with little Jack. She prefered to nap some place high and in the sun. On one of our many trips to the AWL we found another cat we both liked named Burbon, he was a huge ginger cat that sort of resembled a tiger and was very smoochy and confident.

The very next week we adopted him too and he and Jack are best mates. They love to chase each other around for hours while Queen Bella sits some where high were she can watch and is out of reach of their crazy antics. We are so happy to have both of these beautiful cats in our little family and encourage anyone looking for a new friend to visit the AWL. There are so many animals there just waiting to love you. Thanks AWL for helping us( Jack included) find our new best friends.

Tahlia Smart