You never know who you will find on the internet and this is exactly true for Jasper, the jolly Mastiff cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Jasper’s story may not have started as a fairy tale but he definitely found his ‘princess’ charming in the end.

It all started with Jasper arriving at the Animal Welfare League in July after being rescued as a stray. Despite his masculine looks, it was clear Jasper is still a puppy at heart and was soon dubbed the happiest dog at the shelter.

Jasper loves walks and he was so well behaved he would even sit whilst he waited for his harness to be put on. He was the perfect buddy to have around and all his human friends at the shelter longed to see him find his forever home.

Amber Biro came across Jasper’s profile on the AWLQ website and immediately fell in love. Without any hesitation, Amber visited the shelter to meet Jasper in person.

They both hit it off straight away. After being introduced to one another in one of the outdoor areas at the shelter, Jasper’s personality and his liveliness won Amber over and she decided to open up her home and start their bright future together.

It may have been a long wait but as the saying goes, every dog has its day. Jasper definitely got his day. We would like to thank Amber for supporting the AWLQ by giving Jasper the opportunity of second chance in a loving forever home.

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By Stephanie Low