Jessie and Buddy are like two peas in a pod – you simply couldn’t adopt one without the other. They both got on well with other dogs but they loved each other’s company most. While they were waiting for a new home at our Rehoming Centre they would run around together and play in the yard before settling in to their kennels for a nap.

Jessie and Buddy were surrendered together after their owner was no longer able to care for them. It wasn’t long before the enquiries came flowing in from people wanting to offer them a home where they could stay together.

It was the Walker family though that arrived last weekend and after spending some time getting lots of slobbery kisses in our adoption pens that they decided Jessie and Buddy would be the dogs for them.

The Walkers got in touch yesterday to let us know Jessie and Buddy are settling in very well and encourage anyone looking for a new pet to choose to adopt.IMG_1982

Watch Buddy relaxing with his new owner