Jinjee cat was adopted by us in late 2009. He was one in a litter of six kittens that we were lucky enough to foster from just five weeks of age. We loved them all but he had something extra special and we decided that we absolutely had to adopt him. We like to say that he adopted us and to this day has us wrapped around his little tail.

Jinjee is now five years old and has grown to be a big boy! He has always loved to eat and has very long legs. We have nicknamed him ”Jinjee Long Legs”.

Lamb Chop’s story started early last year when my wife saw his picture on the AWLQ website. She and I knew we just had to have him. I dropped everything and went to meet the 1-year-old so that I could offer him a new home. The poor little guy had been found homeless in Logan. After X-rays on his legs to rule out any fractures (he was hopping on his back legs), he was cleared to come home with us. I’m happy to say that Lamb Chop still hops and skips as he walks, alternating back legs as he chooses. It’s his way of saying “I know I’m cute”.

Jinjee and Lamb Chop did not get on well at all in the beginning, but, as you can see, they can now share the same bed, which is their favourite place to be for most of every day 🙂

Thank you, AWLQ Our lives would not be so enriched if it weren’t for you – Regards, Ben