Hi guys,

Just thought I would send you some pictures of Kimba, she is growing every week and settled in so fast. She is a favorite amongst our friends and no one can believe how placid and loving she is. I can’t ever imagine not having her around.

Our neighbors have 2 very naughty golden retrievers that bark constantly and our beautiful Kimba stays quiet all day long, only the rare bark at a bird or two.

She loves her daily walks and her weekends at the spit where she makes friends with every dog that will put up with her playful nature. Her best friend is our friends Beagle name Rocky, they love tug of war and jumping in the sea together.

We definitely think she is Great Dane cross Boxer (not Mastiff) as she has Boxer teeth and is the bounciest thing when she plays.

Thank you again for letting us have Kimba, she is well loved and well fed and the best addition to our family