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The AWLQ is still inundated with litters of cats and kittens. With no end in sight we wanted to shine the light on our feline friends in the hope they are adopted as quickly as possible.

There is currently 833 cats and kittens in care across all AWLQ rehoming centres and shelters and we need your help to find them homes.


Some happy adopters wrote to us recently and as you can see their photos show that shelter pets make the very best pets.


I wanted to send a quick letter to thank you for our beautiful new family member.

We adopted “Tam” a beautiful little kitten a weeks ago and she has settled into our house really well and our daughter who is only 3 has named her Poppy

Our kids adore her and spoil her with gentle kisses, cuddles and love!
Thanks for all the great work that you do!



Just dropping you a line to say Hannah has settled in nicely in her new home. Big brother Blackie (male cat) has even decided she’s ok to have around. I wasn’t sure how he’d go, but he seems to have accepted her now. She’s a lovely kitty and we’re so glad we came to AWLQ to adopt.

Thanks for all your hard work. Wish we could take them all!





Here are some photos of Kevin in his new home and loving his new life!

We think he is starting to like it here!

We love our big boy! He pretty much looks after himself and loves relaxing in his new bed.