Summer is not only the beginning of tick season, but the start of rapid cat breeding with many cat owners receiving unwanted litters.

 With the hormones running high in cats across the state, many female cats will be impregnated by their male counterparts, producing up to eight kittens per litter.

 Brooke Whitney of the Animal Welfare League of Queensland stresses the need for desexing cats of all ages.

 “Cats can breed from four months of age and can produce up to three litters of kittens a year, averaging six kittens a litter.”

 The Animal Welfare League receives an influx of unwanted litters within the September to February period, with hundreds of kittens and their mothers coming through the doors.

 This leaves the shelter struggling for room for all its occupants and the task of re-homing more animals then they should.

 “We receive heartbreaking amounts of kittens and cats throughout the summer months and while we have success in re-homing most, it could easily be avoided,” Ms Whitney said.

 “Desexing your cat before they reach sexual maturity will not only avoid any unwanted litters, but reduce the chance of behavioural problems in your pet.” 

 If you do not have a cat but are thinking of owning one, adopting from the Animal Welfare League will help give an unwanted kitten or cat a new chance at a life in a loving home environment.

 All cats and kittens are desexed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated.