Hi, Im Gill and Im part of the Dog Rehoming Team.
Recently I was on holidays with a friend overseas, while we were away we talked about her dog who was very sick and she knew she would have to do what all animal owners dred, having to put their four legged companion to sleep.

We spoke about our foster carer program, because she wants to do more travelling, but hasen’t because she always had dogs, she was interested in becoming a foster parent once she didn’t have Kirby anymore,  on return from our holidays she had to say goodbye to Kirby.

The following week Jan made a special trip down from the Sunshine Coast to meet Kobi our Husky who needed to be fostered for 3 weeks after having a tick.

Kobi spent the next four weeks being utterly spoilt, he fitted in to the household perfectly, Jan’s housemate had a dog and the two of them got on splendidly.

Kobi slept on Jan’s bed, had daily walks, car trips to cafes, beach walks, play dates with other dogs, you name it, he had it.

Kobi was due back to the shelter, so I went up the coast to collect him, Jan took Kobi for one last beach visit. She was met by a friend of hers Marty, who was so taken by Kobi, he spent an hour with him on the beach and fell totally in love.

Jan was so excited that Marty wanted to take him, she rung me and send a picture of Dean and Kobi together.