For those of you that read my Happy Ending on Zeus the Shar Pei, you will be pleased to read that we have found Mikey a new companion from the AWLQ!

We adopted Marley the Cattle dog x Jack Russell in December after visiting the shelter on two occasions. As we have a five month old son, we knew we wanted a young dog so that Joshua and the dog could grow up together. Whilst we loved giving an older dog a home in Zeus, we knew our circumstances had changed by having a baby and that we needed to adopt a puppy to ensure we had a dog that complemented both Joshua and Mikey.

I am pleased to say that Marley has fit into our home perfectly. She is extremely intelligent and very mischievous. In particular, she likes to run around the house with my pot plants leaving soil everywhere!! She adores Joshua and Mikey and is having a blast experiencing all the firsts that goes with being a puppy. Marley is a social butterfly and loves nothing more than playing at the dog park, going for a run with my husband and catching up with friends who also have puppies. She also just discovered our favourite destination to take Mikey, The Dog Bakery at Hope Island, where she got to experience and enjoy free mutt shakes, doggy treats and social interactions with other dogs and humans.

Mikey, too, is happy to have a new companion in Marley. Whilst I think he still misses Zeus, his toys now come out of the toy box again and he and Marley will play for hours in the front yard, the sand pit and the kiddy pool. Whilst he gets frustrated with Marley at night when he wants to sleep, he still lets her curl up with him and is very protective of her.

Marley, of course, is still only a puppy and that comes with a lot of ’Oh Marley’ moments. Her teeth are as sharp as razors, she is still learning to be gentle with Joshua whom she loves to lick and cuddle and she enjoys chewing on everything! But, she will be starting dog obedience school in a few weeks time and we know that if we put 100% effort into Marley, she will give us 150% reward in time.

Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about Zeus. We still miss him dearly and having Marley fills only part of the large gap he left behind.

We are proud to have adopted another dog from the shelter and look forward to many happy years with Mikey and Marley.