Hi to all at AWL at Shelter Road,just letting you know all about our little boy ” Lolly ” that we adopted yesterday,Friday,21st October.Well, he is just beautiful,he travelled back to Brisbane snuggled up on my lap,with lots of kisses from him.

When we arrived home,my mother fell in love with him instantly,but decided he didn’t look like a “Lolly “,and immediately thought of “Archie “,and he is such a clever liitle scrap,after just 24 hrs,he is answering to his new name.My little ” Bella ” is still a bit unsure of him,but they are eating together,and “Archie ” quite likes her bed instead of his own.He has new toys to play with,but is happiest when being cuddled,and he already has found his favourite spot on the lounge,curled up beside me or Mum.All the family have visited to meet him,my son and daughter,and their partners,and all have fallen in love,how could you not? I just wanted to let you all know how grateful we are to have had the opportunity to adopt this dear little dog,and bring him into our home,where he will be treasured and loved absolutely.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do.From Marilyn Kenny ( am not on Facebook yet! so no photos,but will later down the track,and would love to keep in touch to let you know how our little man is doing.xx