My name is Louise Piper and five years ago I adopted a little treasure named MAVIS but changed to Missy Moo. Here is our photo.

Last Monday she was put to sleep in my arms and left a huge hole in my life. She was my constant companion.

In the five years that we shared, Missy had pins put in both back legs and a lump taken off over her eye. She went like the clappers on our daily walks and made soooo many doggie and people friends. We went to cafe’s for morning tea of lunch and enjoyed life to the max.

She loved to help me in the garden by standing where I was trying to work. I am on 1/4 an acre with the back yard grassed and with a vegie patch, and the front section being rainforest where she loved to hunt lizards, naughty girl. She went to the local markets in her pink stroller and often had her photo taken. She loved kids and pulled me over every time we went past the kindy so all the kids could run over and pat her.

But she started to slow down and I knew something was wrong. Had Xrays taken which showed extremely swollen heart and fluid on her lungs. She didn’t know how sick she was which is good but I knew it was time to let her go. She died snuggled up in my arms without fear or pain.

I have been checking out your web site and I saw little Yo Yo.

So I phoned a friend on Sunday morning who offered to drive me to Beenleigh and I brought her home.
She will have to have pins in her back legs the same as Missy, she looks so much like Missy, both dogs have had puppies and were desexed by the AWL just before I got them, both dogs have HUGE ears and I noticed last night that Yo Yo is getting a caratact in the same eye that Missy had one.
Missy had two but I started giving her herbs with Bilberries every night and she had three health treatments with my health carer.
One cataract totally disappeared and the other got a bit better but did not get any worse. So Yo Yo starts her bilberries tonight and will be getting a treatment soon. I did not particularly want another Missy but it is just such a coincidence that they are so alike.

You all do such a wonderful job with all the poor animals that find themselves alone. It breaks my heart when I see them all needing some love. How could people give their little pets away or get a pet when they cant afford to look after it properly.

I just wanted you to know that little Yo Yo (I am sure it is short for YODA because of her ears) will be well loved, from not only me but lots of Aunties and Uncles, and I will take care of her extremely well for the rest of her little life.

Thank you all for enabling me to save another life that will bring so much happiness into my own life at 68 years of age.


Louise Piper