Big dogs have big hearts and so much love to give, yet sometimes spend more time waiting for a home because people looking for a new pet seem to think with big dogs comes more work. This is almost always untrue. Ask anyone who owns a large breed dog and they will tell you they are oversized lap dogs, who make great companions and family pets.

Dale the Labrador x had been waiting at the AWLQ for close to two months and people would pass him by daily. We decided that in order to make people SEE Dale we would create a video of him interacting with our volunteers on a beach walk VIEW VIDEO HERE

Naomi was looking for a dog after her previous one passed away and wanted a family friendly and affectionate breed that would interact well with people and other dogs. She said when she saw Dale’s video it was love at first sight and within a couple of hours she was at the rehoming centre ready to adopt.

Dale has been a perfect addition to her family. Naomi says Dale walks the children to school through the farms of the Lockyer Valley every morning “He is an absolute gentleman, stopping for plenty of pats and cuddles along the way”.

Naomi recommends adopting a big dog because they make GREAT family pets!

We asked our community of big dog owners why they love their BIG breeds and this is what they said

Big dogs are better because you don’t have to bend down to pat them – Elly Hayton

The bigger the dog the bigger the heart I have a Great Dane and she’s just perfect!Flavia Bertolotti

Reasons to “upsize” to a bigger pooch! Bigger games, bigger walks, bigger hugs, bigger sloppy kisses, bigger bark, bigger cuddles, bigger high fives… Just put simply, there’s more to love!Sue Hatton

We have a medium/large breed dog. We adopted him from the AWL at Stapylton. Both of our kids have autism and adore him! He’s so tolerate of them even if they are a bit rough like pat him hard or push him trying to get past. He barely barks and I feel that’s because he’s much more secure in himself and doesn’t feel the need to act tough. And also as important, I feel much safer walking him down the street early in the morning or later in the evening. He wouldn’t hurt a fly but a stranger walking past me doesn’t know that. – Kerri Lee Hicks

We adopted our Mastiff x Pointer “Molly” from you over a year ago now. We think it’s great she is a gentle giant with our kids and doesn’t feel intimidated by them. She’s so much fun at the beach. She sleeps inside with us at night but is independent enough to enjoy playing in the back garden or patio during the day. Her size seems to keep the house safe, and I feel safer with her with us. She only tends to bark when it’s warranted. Her size means there’s more to hug, more to love and there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing her interact with my kids, especially when she hugs them back by resting her big boofy head over their shoulder. Every kid deserves to have a big dog to love. Heidi Stepanoff

So next time you are looking for a new addition to make your family complete, be sure to visit the BIG DOGS of the AWLQ.