It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare, to come home and find your beloved pet no longer there. Unfortunately that is what happened to Rebecca and Pat but the story doesn’t end there.

When Rebecca and Pat lost their dog they were very distraught. They had brought her home as a tiny puppy and loved spending every spare moment teaching her tricks and raising her into the perfect family pet. Rebecca had been unwell and admitted to hospital. When she came home to find her little Lumi missing it was another blow and she was determined to bring her home.

Rebecca checked pounds and shelters to no avail. As the weeks turned into months she sadly began to give up hope.

Fast forward a year and Pat and Rebecca were running errands near the AWLQ Gold Coast Rehoming Centre. They decided off the cuff to go and check out the dogs available for adoption, (without thinking they would adopt). As they scanned the kennels they noticed a dog that looked just like their lost puppy. The dog named ‘Uma’ had similar markings but being an adult dog they were not yet certain it was their puppy all grown up.

They asked to meet her out in the yard where they excitedly called out ‘Lumi’ and were over the moon when she responded with a wagging tail and a big lick. They showed our rehoming staff photos of her as a puppy and without a doubt they agreed that ‘Uma’ was in fact their long lost puppy! Excitedly they made arrangements to adopt her and have since been in touch still in shock they have ‘Lumi’ home and are very grateful they decided to visit the shelter on a day that ended up being one of the happiest of their lives.