Mack the American Staffy has the patience of a saint. He was surrendered to the AWLQ in April after he was hit by car. He needed surgery to fix his leg but it meant he would have to stay still and keep the weight off it for over a month while it recovered.

The surgery was lengthy but successful. Veterinarians considered amputation of the leg but Mack’s pelvis had been compromised so this was not an option. Instead Mack’s femoral ball was removed which meant part of his healing process would involve intense physio sessions.  In recovery Mack was such a good boy and as the days passed his leg grew stronger and he was able to start hydrotherapy at Canine Cubby.

When he was made available for adoption he waited at the Beenleigh Rehoming Centre where staff worked daily on rehabilitation. He had daily tasks including walking uphill, in figure 8’s and weaving through poles which helped him learn to rely on his leg once more.

Mack had been with the AWLQ for eight months when John and Sarah visited the Beenleigh Centre in search of a new family pet. They didn’t have a dog in mind but wanted a companion pet so our rehoming staff suggested Mack. John and Sarah fell in love ‘instantly’ with his gentle nature and decided he was the dog for them.

A week after being adopted Mack is loving his new found freedom. He has been to the beach and enjoyed playing in the waves. His new owners are besotted and encourage everyone looking to bring a new pet into their family to consider adoption.