I want to give the biggest thank you to Lorraine who was working in the fostering centre two years ago, whose overwhelming support, assisted me in adopting Shia, the cat flu ginger cat, and Tiberius, previously ’Marlin’ the terrified, fractured pelvis Mareema.

Tiberius was approx 6 months old, wary of people, loud noises, terrified of going through a doorway, pschologically, a challenge. Through constant reassurance, consistency in training, plenty of socialisation and the benefit of already having another dog he could feel secure with, Tibe is now an amazingly well balanced, trusting dog!!

Thank you to my workplace for understanding everytime I was late due to him, and thankyou Evelyn, Sue and Ralph from International Dog Obedience training, who showed me how to adapt and train an abused dog.

He is neither a barker or aggressive, as some Mareemas can be, he socialises well with all children, dogs, people and cats! Loves the beach, and a cuddle, really leaning in for a smooch , and he normally wears a huge crazy grin. Wish I could send you more than two photos so you can see how well he is now, I know all who came in contact with him before would be happy.

Thank you again for all the lives you save, but mostly, improve their quality of life. xxx