Mia and Taylor were surrendered to the AWLQ Warra shelter recently and had been together for six years! It was decided these lifelong friends should stay together as they interacted as if they were the very best of friends and we couldn’t bear to see them separated.

The social and friendly pair made friends with the Warra rehoming staff quickly and were often seen getting lots of cuddles and pats. It didn’t take long before their photos went viral on our social media pages and soon after Nicola and her family came to visit them in person.

Nicola had been wanting to adopt a pet for a while and when she saw how bonded Mia and Taylor were she decided that she would be the one to take them home.

Mia and Taylor love their new home and have settled in very well. Nicola insists it will be a very much part of the family and sent us this photo as proof they have already taken over their home.


Thanks for choosing to adopt.