I fostered Mili-Moli from AWL she was about 2 weeks old with her brother and sister. When they were ready to be sold Mili was a little on the skinny side so I bought her. She had the most adorable nature, planked consistently and I could even bath her. At 2 Mili got Cushings Disease (Adrenal Cancer) lucky I had insurance and found the Cat Clinic in Bne.

We took the first tumour out which was the size of a golf ball and after 10.5 hours of surgery and many blood transfusions she was saved. She was fine until she turned 8 and I started to see that she was doing the things she had done before when she was sick. I took her back and yep the cancer came back, we decided to operate again but unfortunately this time the tumour was wrapped around her aorta. Rhett her surgeon could not get the tumour without killing her so he zipped her up and gave her 6 weeks to 3 months to live. Mili lasted 9 months! And $18,500 in insurance bills. She is one of the youngest cats ever to get this disease and is now the cushings disease cat at Sydney Univerisity so they can study the tumour (not her). Mili was my baby and even though she has passed I was blessed to have her in my life. Now she is my angel.