To the staff and volunteers,

We just wanted to let you all know about the progress and success we are having with adopting a canine companion from you recently.

We adopted ‘Milo’, a 1 year old bullmastiff x from the AWLQLD a little less than a month ago. He has settled in beautifully!! He loves nothing more than a cuddle and to follow me around or lay at my feet. He already has ‘sit’, ‘shake’, ‘lay down’ and ‘come’ down pat with ‘stay’ well on the way!! He’s such an intelligent boy!! 

He loves our three kids 8yrs, 3yrs and an 11 month old. He lets them cuddle and play with him and is learning very quickly to do as they say. He can regularly be found snuggling in bed with our 8 year old son of a morning or lying on the floor with our 3 year old resting against him reading stories. He is patient and gentle yet strong and incredibly loyal. He is already an intrinsic and much loved member of our family (although the cat has yet to warm up to him!).

He is already a great protector, alerting us when he thinks there is something not quite right and has very quickly learned not to climb our side fence to get out!! (It happened twice in the first 24hrs, but he never left the property, sitting on the front porch waiting patiently for us to come home).

We would like to thank all the employees and volunteers at the animal welfare league qld for all your hard work and dedication to these forgotten creatures. Keep up the good work!!


Rachael, Andrew, Jesse, Sarah and Joshua