Want some kitty loving with no strings attached? For a limited time, a select number of cats at AWLQ Gold Coast will be eligible for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION 30-DAY ADOPTION TRIAL!

Drop in to the shelter anytime between 10am-5pm choose a cat and take him/her home. If at the end of the trial you decide your kitty is a keeper you can adopt it for just $30!

AWLQ Spokesperson Brooke Whitney says this one of a kind campaign is a way for people to ‘try before they buy’ and commit to a life-long friendship with a new pet.

“We have 30 cats taking part in the promotion and we would be surprised if any of them are returned. They are highly entertaining animals and we are sure their temporary carers will want to adopt them at the end of the trial period,” Ms Whitney says

“If the trial is a success, then a cat gets a home. If the trial doesn’t end in an adoption, then the cat still gets a month’s holiday away from the shelter and afterwards AWLQ will gain valuable information about the cat’s personality in a home environment, which helps us make a better match next time,” Ms Whitney says.

The cats taking part in the promotion can be seen in the ‘CAT-alogue’ can be viewed here

There are currently 716 cats and kittens in care at the AWLQ’s five rehoming centres

During the summer cat breeding month AWLQ has hundreds of felines in need and is encouraging cat owners to desex their pets especially if it tends to wander.

“A desexed cat is a happy cat. They are less likely to roam, fight with other cats or spray around the house. It also means they cannot fall pregnant unexpectedly,”


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