During the summer months and even more recently pregnant cats and dogs arrive at our shelters in need of help and while we all love kittens and puppies, starting your life homeless isn’t very fair. When pregnant mother Muffin arrived at the AWLQ she was very frightened and about to give birth. She was not very accepting of people and so we needed to find her a foster home where she could relax and comfortably give birth. .

Just days later six puppies made their way into the world and in the weeks that followed grew big and strong in a foster home environment.

When they were old enough to get desexed all six puppies came back to the AWLQ rehoming centre and were also microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed before being placed up for adoption.

In the case of Muffin and her puppies they found homes quickly however they were still in our care for 10 weeks while the puppies grew. That’s 10 weeks of feeding and medical check ups alone.
The AWLQ  has kittens and puppies that spend months waiting to be adopted. Our shelters have six month old kittens that were born in foster care STILL waiting for their forever families. Caring for these animals costs a lot of money, money we recieve through donations from the community and local businesses. The AWLQ has also set up desexing programs to encourage pet owners to desex their animals, to learn more about these programs click here

The AWLQ cares for 10,000 animals each and every year and need your help to continue the work that we do. Tax time is almost upon us and by giving to the AWLQ you are ensuring that we keep our doors open and give second chances to companion animals just like Muffin every day.

Every donation over $2 is tax deductable so please help us help them.