Mr Bob has been a part of my life for 10 years this Valentine’s day.  He came into my life after losing my beautiful Border Collie to pancreatitis at just 2 years of age, her adopted sister pined for her so for weeks I had been taking her to the AWL Gold Coast centre to do meets and greets which were less than successful.  During Valentines week I saw an ad for Valentines in the local paper about the how love had blossomed in the AWL and how Bobby and CJ were looking for new homes.  I had walked past Bob so many times but never really considered a male dog as a companion.

I still remember the day that I met Bob for the first time he was timid but very loving and loyal.  It was so hard not to fall in love with him.  He had been there around 7 – 8 months at that stage at the time AWL longest serving resident, I’ll never forget the tears rolling down staff members faces, so glad that he had finally had a home. 

His time behind a cage had him instutionalised he had forgotten how to be a dog, couldn’t get in a car, wasn’t used to being indoors and was scared of the simplest movements or noise.   He quickly overcame his fears and settled into our home.  My other Border Collie wasn’t so impressed with his arrival and Bob quickly worked out if he stole the other dogs ball that she would chase him. This led to a life long ball obsession which is still happening to this day.   We lost the other Border Collie 4 months later she never got over her loss which lead to her being hit by a car. Poor Bob was very upset but we made sure that he was taken care of.

2 months later we had the pleasure of bringing Miss Tia home.  A 10 month old very bouncy tri cocker spaniel who was adopted from another organisation.    These 2 have now been together 9 ½ years and love each other dearly.    We moved to Cairns in 2006 and Both Bob and Tia have had a wonderful life.

Mr Bob is now starting to slow down gentle walks and some light soccer keep him happy.  We celebrate his birthday in June and he will be 12.   I cant thank AWL for giving this beautiful boy a chance at life.