I just love reading through the Happy Endings Stories so thought I would add my own.
My task for the day was to find a bigger bird cage for our two pet birds. I had looked on Gumtree and E-Bay but had had no success, so decided to head down to the local pet shop in Murrumba Downs to see if they had a suitable cage.

Upon arriving at the pet shop I went inside and had a look around at the cages and other stuff in the shop. Up the back of the shop were some cats in glassed in boxes and a gorgeous black and white standard Fox Terrier pup in the hydrobath area.

Being a dog dog lover I couldn’t resist giving her a pat and a cuddle. I bent over the gate and she stood up on her hind legs and wrapped her front legs around my arm. I was in love. I assumed she was someone’s pet who was in for bathing and grooming.

Then the pet shop owner told me the pup was up for adoption through the Queensland Animal Welfare League. She was 7 months old.

I already had a 5 year old Jack Russell x Foxy and had been thinking of getting him a brother or sister. We arranged to bring Jack down for a vsit to see if him and the pup liked each other….we need not have worried….they adored each other. So the rest is history….

Abbey had found her forever home and we took her home that afternoon.

That was in June 2011 and she has grown in to such a beautiful, loving, gentle girl. We all love her to pieces and are so glad we went looking for a new bird cage that day 🙂