Six year old Ninja is a pooch that everyone loves. When you gave his back a scratch his whole backside would shake with delight and his back leg would tap on the floor with glee.

This neat little Mini Pinscher x Fox Terrier loved trips to the beach and playing with his four legged friends and we thought he would find a home just as quickly as he came through our doors as a stray.

But the weeks rolled on and Ninja still waited for his new owners to come, so our staff decided to feature him on our Facebook page.

Little did we know then that someone had been watching his progress and tracking his story from afar.

Debra Waterford had been looking for a dog for a while and came across Ninja’s photo online when he was first made available.

So as not to impulse purchase her very first pet, Debra waited and talked it over with her partner and decided that if Ninja was still available in a week or so she he would be the dog for them.

The tipping point came when she saw our story on Facebook. She said his little face made her heart melt and she phoned the shelter immediately to enquire about his availability.

When Ninja met his new mum it was if he instantly recognised her. His tail wagged and he jumped and bounced like his legs were made of springs.

He knew his new life was about to start.

At the Animal Welfare League of Qld we live for stories like Ninja’s for all of the animals in our care. If you are looking to add a four legged friend to your home this holiday season, please choose to adopt.


Your choice WILL save a life.