It warms our hearts every time an animal gets adopted but it is really special when you know it will be the most perfect union between owner and dog.

Nixie, a gorgeous 9 month old Cattle dog x Tenterfield terrier was eager to find someone who she could love, play and be best mate too.

Tamara, Nixie’s new owner was the girl Nixie was waiting for.

Nixie will be Tamara’s first dog and they seemed to be made for each other. Tamara has great dog skills and soaked up all the information the staff gave her, eager to be the best mum to her new four legged baby.

Nixie was excited when taken out of her pen but soon calmed down in Tamara’s confident hands.

It was the perfect union, to a girl who picked a great dog…or did the dog pick the girl?

Tamara was also excited when told about the AWLQ fundraising event coming up called ‘Out with the Dogs.’ The event is over the 26th and 27th of October where school aged children are encouraged to camp in their backyards with their dogs to help raise money for the AWLQ. Tamara was eager to head home and start her own fundraising page and then camp with Nixie on the event weekend.


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