MEET DAISY. She may look a little different to the other dogs in the shelter – but can she see a problem with that? Nope! Daisy has no eyes and no worries.

Daisy first came into AWLQ’s care back in November, after being transferred from an external pound. The little Shih Tzu cross was in very poor condition with serious eye conditions that were causing her much pain. Whilst our vets originally thought only one eye needed removing, a rupture in her remaining eye post-surgery, made it necessary to take both.

Skeptics questioned the quality of life the little dog was faced with, now that both her eyes had been removed – Particularly because, at eight years old, Daisy was no ‘spring chicken’. But this cuddle-bug was quick to prove that nothing was going to hold her back! She was about to embrace her new life ‘in the dark’ with both paws.


Daisy’s sweet nature and uplifting spirit captured all of us here at AWLQ. She has especially trapped the heart of Rehoming Team Member Belinda, who has been Daisy’s Foster Carer since the dog first arrived.

Since Daisy’s surgery, Belinda has patiently been building up Daisy’s confidence, helping her to understand how to live safely and happily without sight.

“I have  taught Daisy to follow sounds to get herself around the house and backyard she’s not afraid to explore new areas and take herself outside to go to the toilet,” says Belinda.

“In the last couple of weeks she’s been learning ‘clicker training’ and she can now come, sit, drop, rollover and beg. Not bad for a girl with no eyes!” Belinda says proudly.

Belinda also likes to have a bit of fun with Daisy, photographing her in ‘funny’ glasses and pretend eyes (which doesn’t bother Daisy in the slightest) to help people feel less uncomfortable about Daisy’s ‘disability’ and raise awareness of animals with special needs.

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Now that Daisy is fully recovered and settled into her new life with a special need, AWLQ is dedicated to finding her the perfect home.

Daisy will need a home with stability and routine and an owner who can be with her most of the time, as she does not cope well with being left alone. She is a real cuddle-bear, so her new owner will need to be willing to lavish her with affection and show her much love.


If you have room in your house, space on your bed and love in your heart then Daisy could be the dog for you! Please email us at to express your interest in Daisy, tell us about yourself, your home environment and any existing pets. Daisy will be available to meet by appointment only at AWLQ Gold Coast Rehoming Centre from 27 January until she finds a home.

Check out this beautiful little video that Belinda put together to help find Daisy her forever home. CLICK HERE