My family recently visited the AWLQ animal shelter to find our new family member, as we walked down every isle our hearts began to sink when we thought we wouldn’t find our new mate there, it wasn’t until we went down the last one and walked up to the pen did our smiles grow bigger… There he was, our Noah!

He was yelping out to us so we went a little closer and all he could do was kiss us.. It felt like he chose us! the shelter gave him the name Noah and we kept it the same. I’m happy to say he is doing great he has his new friend Brooke the bulldog, my two kids, my husband and myself now

He loves sleeping on the couch and with the kids at night he is an absolute gem and life would never be the same without him.

Thank you to all the team at animal welfare league for not only saving a life but giving a life to another family we love him and appreciate the care u gave him till he found his furever family!!!

Thanks again.

From the Ireland family.