It has been nearly two weeks since I adopted Abuku & Chu from the AWL. I’d never owned a rat before, but after over six months of research, I knew I was ready. I specifically wanted to adopt from the AWL because frankly, I won’t go anywhere else!

When I adopted them, Abuku (the light brown one) was Moonbeam and Chu (the dark brown one) was Jermain. Abuku and Chu is Japanese for bubble and squeak, and ironically, each of them suit their new names beautifully! Abuku is very bubbly and loves to groom humans and is always out of her cage, although she’s a bit of a snoozer. Chu is a little more shy and hasn’t coped with the change as well as Abuku, but each day she get’s happier!

They love their out of the cage time, and thankfully they’re up and active while the Jack (my AWL adopted cat) is sleeping the day away under my bed, and when he’s up, they’re asleep.

I would recommend rats to any perspective pet owner after something a little (or a lot) smaller than a cat or dog, however they are prone to depression in moving house, but nothing a bit of love, care and ravioli 😉 can’t fix!

Getting this sweet little pair was a great decision and they fit in well in my furry brood of four! I only wish I could have taken their other little friends with me!

A massive thanks to the AWL from myself, Jack the Cat and Aysha the Dog for allowing these little shining stars into out lives!

Rebecca Hewson