Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day and Easter are all days you spend with loved ones. But for Kanga these special occasions were spent waiting, wishing and hoping for someone to stop by her kennel.

Kanga arrived at the Animal Welfare League Qld on Christmas Eve and sat waiting for five months while her doggy pals came and left with their new owners.

Kanga loved people and going on adventures. On beach walks she could never decide whether she wanted to be in or out of the water so she would dart between land and sea lapping up the attention of everyone witnessing her funny routine.

John and Kim had been keen followers of AWLQ social media would regularly see Kanga’s face pop up in their Facebook newsfeed. Their dog Heidi, (an AWLQ past guest) was the love of their lives and they had mentioned the idea of finding her a as a life-long companion.

As the months past Kanga still waited so John and Kim decided to take Heidi to the AWLQ Rehoming Centre and ‘just see’ if Kanga would make a good second dog.  When Heidi met Kanga they were instant friends and within minutes were darting around the yard playing and chasing each other.

And with that, Kanga’s stay at the shelter had come to an end. Kanga had been waiting for them.

Big dogs have big hearts and so much love to give, yet sometimes spend more time waiting for a home because people looking for a new pet seem to think with big dogs comes more work. This is almost always untrue. Visit the shelter today and ask to see our BIG BEAUTIFUL DOGS and learn for yourself why BIG DOGS make great pets!