We are members and supporters of your wonderful organisation. You all do such amazing work!
Our two beautiful bubs are the most amzing cats anyone could want.

Molly is now 10 years old – we got here in 2001. She was from an unwanted litter, tiny (as big as a rat!). She was only 8 weeks old. She soon grew into a little, sweert “Princess”, with lovely “husky” type silver fur and a gorgeous striped tail, like a racoon. (A silver tabby). We also call her “MoJo” or “Mo Jee”. She has lots of nicknames!

Her companion is also from the League. We got him in 2002 – he is now 9 years old. HIs name is Davey. That was his name at the AWL and we liked it. He really suits him too.
This beautiful champagne and white boy was a stray and he was 6 months old when we go him.
He is the most intelligent cat I’ve ever seen! He thinks he’s a dog – drinks from the tap – walks on a lead comes on command and sits on your back! He is the sweetest natured boy and extremely happy and fun. He is a big, cuddly bear! He really is special. We think he might have some Siamese in him – hence the intelligence. He is also a real “talker”.

Davey “Dingo” as we call him – he does look like one. is also very Regal. He thinks he is a Prince, so we also call him “Prince David!”.

Both of our pets have appeared regularly in the Bulletin Pet Book, with Davey winning the “Most Intelligent Award” a few years back and his large picture appeared in the Bulletin!
We can’t believe how lucky we were in getting these two gorgeous cats.
They are the best of friends – they lick each other and do everything together. Very special indeed.

I hope other people realise how lucky we are having such beautiful pets at the AWL. Pet shops should be banned form selling puppies and kittens. Go to the League for the most amazing pets!

Our two bubs are getting on a bit now – but still enjoy a very active, happy and SPOILT life. They are our “children” and are an integral part of our family.

We thank the AWL for initially looking after them and allowing us to find such loving, special pets..
We wish you all, including the pets, a Very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2012!
Best Wishes,
Sally and Albert Jones