It will be 18 months on Saturday (27/8/11) since I brought Penny(Ella) home from AWL Coombabah and 18 months since she stole my heart.

I had previously owned a Dachshund for 14 years and after 2 years without any fur babies and my youngest child moving out the quiet was deafening. I decided it was time for a new family member and I was very determined not to buy from a pet shop. As I’m a bit of a greenie I knew I wanted a recycled dog 😉

I had been checking out animal rescue sites for about 6 months but when I saw ’Ella”’ on the AWL website I knew she was the dog for me. I raced down next morning for a meet and greet.
It was obvious she had been well looked after by whoever had previuosly owned her and I felt so sad for her that she ended up at the shelter. She was very confused and a bit timid but I loved her instantly.

Well 18 months on and she not only runs the house but has both my husband and I firmly wrapped around her little front paw. She has got used to the noisy grandchildren and loves to go to my sons house for playdates with his labxgolden and staffy. She is without doubt the cleverest dog I have ever owned, understands everything you say to her and does tricks on command.

She is sweet, affecionate, clever, funny, protective and adorable and I am completely besotted. She shadows me wherever I go, helping with the housework and the gardening.

My husband who pretends she is not allowed on the furntiure is often caught napping on the couch with her(see pic). She has a favourite teddy bear named Barney that she takes everywhere with her, he is her security bear 🙂

He often says I love her more than him and I tell him ”don’t make me choose, you might not like the answer!” LOL

Going to AWL on that Saturday morning was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Michelle Mather